John Graybill

Male Abt 1784 - 1866  (~ 82 years)

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  • Name John Graybill 
    Born Abt 1784  , , Virginia, United States Find all individuals with events at this location 
    Gender Male 
    Died 30 Oct 1866  Franklin Township, Jackson, Ohio, United States Find all individuals with events at this location 
    Buried Callaghan-Madison Furnace Cemetery, Rempel, Madison Township, Jackson, Ohio, United States Find all individuals with events at this location 
    Person ID I3645  Petersen-de Lanskoy
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    Father John Peter Graybill,   b. 3 Oct 1762, York, York, Pennsylvania, United States Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. 11 May 1842, , Jackson, Ohio, United States Find all individuals with events at this location  (Age 79 years) 
    Mother Christina or Christena or Christiana Wampler,   b. Abt 1753, Lebanon Township, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, United States Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. 10 Oct 1844, , Jackson, Ohio, United States Find all individuals with events at this location  (Age ~ 91 years) 
    Married Abt 1779  , Frederick, Maryland, United States Find all individuals with events at this location 
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  • Notes 
      1. There is some disagreement about John. I believe he was single because of his probated will in which he does not name any wife or children, but gives his property to many nieces and nephews (surnamed Lackey and Henson - note that most of the other related families became Mormon and left Ohio in the late 1830s to Missouri). Note also that some do not even show him as a son of Peter and Christina Wampler; however, he was buried with them in Ohio and he and his sister Nancy are living together in the 1850 census. The alternative (which I believe to be incorrect) John Graybill others sometime use is generally shown b. 1 Feb 1780 in Maryland; married first in 1805 to Rachel Duncan, in Montgomery County, Virginia; after her death, he married Idress Hines, in Wythe County, VA., 1816; family of thirteen children; moved to Monroe County, Indiana.

      2. Censuses:
      1790 US: Morgan District, 16th Company, Wilkes Co., NC. Listed as Peter Crapeal with 1 male over 16 yrs., 4 males under 16 yrs., & 4 females of all ages. (John is probably 1 of 4 males under 16). (Can only count for 3 of the 4 of the females). 1800 US: Ashe Co., NC, compiled by Paul W. Gregory & Samuel E. Sebastian. (John is probably the 1 male 16-26). 1840 US: Madison Twp., Jackson Co., OH (needs rechecking):
      John Graybill, 1 male age 50-60 and 1 male 80-90. The older male is undoubtedly Peter Sr., John's father. 1850 US: Madison Twp., Jackson, Ohio, p. 243b, 29 Jul 1850, dwelling #242:
      John Grabill, 63, farmer, $2,000, VA.
      Nancy Henson, 65, MD.

      1860 US: So far I have been unsuccessful in finding John in Franklin, Madison, and Bloomfield Townships of Jackson County. He should be in the vicinity. He is not living with the man to whom he wills his land in Franklin Twp. in exchange for old age care and funeral expenses.

      3. Other information from a submission found at Worldconnect database ":480580":
      A. This John never married. This John, Peter Sr.'s, son, is the one who went to New Orleans to bring back Peter Sr.'s daughter Nancy Mary (Graybeal) Henson, after Nancy's husband, William Henson died in N.O. John brought Nancy back to Jackson Co., OH. (See also notes on William Henson for further information).
      B. References mentioned:
      a. The book "A Partial Genealogy Record of the Graybeal Family of Ashe Co., NC," 1992 Edition, by William S. Graybeal. Pg. 1. b. The book, "Heritage of Ashe Co., NC"; pgs. 263-272. [Kerry's note: I reviewed at FHL in Salt Lake City - FHL book 975.6835 D3h V.1.] c. The book "A Partial Record of the Graybeal Family of Ashe Co., NC," 1960, by Henry Clay Graybeal. d. The book "Annals of Tazewell Co., VA," by John Newton Harman, Sr. Updated in 1975, by Netti Schreiner-Yantis. Vols. I & II. Pg. 428-431.
      e. 1825 Tax List of Jackson Co., OH by Auditor of OH. Book, "Early Ohio Tax Records," compiled by Esther Weygandt Powell, pg. 203. C. Deed: Graybill, John to: Graybill, Henry 1809-02-07, 50.00 a., South side of Big Horse Creek/waters of N. Fork New River, $100, Rcd: 1809-11, Bk: D, p. 104. Witness: Michael Graybeal, Jacob May.

      4. Website accessed 14 Dec 2008:
      "Ashe County, NC - Deeds - Abstracts of selected deeds." This file was contributed for use in the USGenWeb Archives by Kyle R. Graybeal, 37 Spring Lake Drive, Stafford, VA 22554. Revised 9 October 2001. This file contains abstracts of selected deeds from Ashe County, North Carolina Land records, mostly involving Graybeal family members. The information contained herein does not constitute the sum total of deeds in the Ashe County records involving Graybeal individuals. There are a few incomplete fields in some records especially in acreage, land description & witness names. This means that I have not copied them, not that the information is missing from the court records. The file now includes more deeds and has been corrected for errors dealing with land grants appearing in the original file. In the original file, the entry date and the date the deed was signed were reversed. This new file corrects that problem.
      Information sorted in date order, which is yyyy-mm-dd. Grantee & Grantor names are [last], [first]. Witness names are [first], [last]. NFNR = North Fork of New River. Mn and Vn means Deed Books M new and V new respectively. Information in [ ] inserted by me and correct to the best of my knowledge. Information in ( ) added for clarification. Price paid, proven date, and registered date not included to save space. I have this information on most deeds in case it is desired. Some compass directions are indicated by N, S, etc., rather spelled out. Deeds for state grants did not require witnesses' signatures. The indication that a particular person signed with an "x" is not consistent from record to record in this transcription. {Kerry's note: I have refined the list so as to cut it off after whom I think may be the first generation after John Peter Graybill and Christina Wampler; see that more complete list with John Peter Graybill - this partial list are for those only including the name of John Graybill. I believe this John probably left NC for Ohio with those of his family who went there as early as ca 1810, so that unless he remained longer in the area before going to Ohio, the later Johns on this list are probably relatives of the same name who were of this area, i.e. his nephew John (1800-1892), son of his brother Henry, grandnephew John (1826-1920), grandson again of the same Henry, or grandnephew John (1837-1928), grandson again of the same Henry}:
      May, Abraham TO: Graybeal, John 50 a.; Signed: 1805-08-01; South side of Horse Creek. Book: D, 110; Witness: John Nall, Henry Graybeal.
      State (NC) TO: Graybeal, John 50 a., Grant: ???, Ent: 1827-01-29; Signed: 1828-12-15; On the Big Laurel; Book: E, 402.
      Graybeal, John TO: Maxwell, Sid 2 a.; Signed: 1835-11-07; Book: Y, 227.
      State (NC) TO: Graybeal, John ? a., Grant: 2448, Ent: 1835-10-22; Signed: 1838-12-20; Book: P, 563.
      Graybeal, Peter TO: Graybeal, David & John 188 a.; Signed: 1839; Land held in trust for Susan Hauck & her children. Book: Mn, 425; Witness: R. Gentry.
      Graybeal, Peter TO: Graybeal, John 300 a.; Signed: 1839-02-20; Old Fields Creek/Branch S. Fork of N. River/Orig conveyed by T Calloway; Book: Mn, 026; Witness: Absolom Faw.
      State (NC) TO: Graybeal, John 25 a., Grant: 2610, Ent: 1828-04-04; Signed: 1840-11-26; On the right hand fork of the Big Branch. Book: O, 102.
      Graybeal, John TO: Maxwell, Sid 50 a.; Signed: 1841-02-31; Book: O, 10; Witness: Henry Graybeal, Larkin Maxwell.
      Graybeal, Henry TO: Maxwell, Sid 42 a.; Signed: 1841-07-31; Book: O, 25; Witness: John Graybeal, Larkin Maxwell.
      Graybeal, John (x) TO: Graybeal, Eli 20 a.; Signed: 1843-03-21; Book: P, 188.
      Graybeal, John et al TO: Graybeal, Eli 40 a.; Signed: 1844-02-08; Laurel Fork of NFNR, p/o 50a. grant to Henry in 1822. Book: O, 472; Witness: Jeremiah Osborn, David Graybeal (This deed contains the signatures of all of Henry's children including signatures of his daughters' spouses).
      Graybeal, Peter TO: Graybeal, John ? a.; Signed: 1844-04-27; Book: P, 229.
      State (NC) TO: Graybeal, John 50 a., Grant: 4210, Ent: 1844-09-26; Signed: 1846-12-02; North Fork of New River, Robert King; Book: P, 566.
      Colvard, Payton TO: Graybeal, John 40 a.; Signed: 1848-09-15; Book: P, 230.
      Ashley, Wm TO: Graybeal, John 125 a.; Signed: 1848-10-12; Book: S, 337.
      Worth & Thomas TO: Graybeal, John 205 a.; Signed: 1851-12-04; Book: S, 269.
      Graybeal, John TO: Graybeal, Alfred 100 a.; Signed: 1852-07-02; Book: S, 328.
      Graybeal, Peter [Jr] TO: Graybeal, John ? a.; Signed: 1852-10-09; Book: S, 098.
      State (NC) TO: Graybeal, John (x) 50 a., Grant: 6016, Ent: 1853-09-13; Signed: 1853-10-17; N. Phoenix Mt.; Book: Vn, 353.
      Graybeal, Peter TO: Graybeal, John 25 a.; Signed: 1855-06-06; Book: Y, 217.
      Graybeal, John TO: Graybeal, David 150 a.; Signed: 1856-02-25; Book: S, 342
      Graybeal, John TO: His wife 0 a.; Signed: 1862-10-20; Letter from Camp during Civil War/directing her to sell a slave; Book: Vn, 123.
      Graybeal, John TO: Perkins, Johnson 0 a.; Signed: 1862-10-28; 1 male slave aged about 11 years named Elias. Book: Vn, 122; Witness: D. Dickson.
      Phillips, J. H. TO: Graybeal, Calvin 50 a.; Signed: 1866-06-30; Big Horse Creek; Book: Vn, 250; Witness: David (x) Graybeal, P. J. Hardin.
      Graybeal, John TO: Graybeal, Eli 0 a.; Signed: 1868-05-08; Pwr of Attorney to collect debts owed John Graybeal. Book: Vn, 334. (John, resident of Miami County, Kansas at the time)
      Graybeal, John TO: Hauck, Susannah 188 a; Signed: 1874-10-01; Land from Peter Graybeal held in trust for Children, on Old Field Ck; Book: Y, 116; Witness: Quincy Neal.
      Graybeal, John TO: Spencer, Wm. 70 a.; Signed: 1875-01-19; John Graybeal of Pueblo Terr., Co./ 70a. on Buffalo Creek. Book: Y, 068.
      Graybeal, John TO: Eller, James 350 a.; Signed: 1877-11-15; John Graybeal of Pueblo Terr., Co., 2 tracts on Horse Creek. Book: Z, 126.

      5. FHL book 977.1 R40p "Early Ohio Tax Records," comp. by Esther Weygandt Powell (1985, Baltimore), has 1816-1825 records including "Jackson County, Ohio, 1825 Tax List, Auditor of State of Ohio": John Graybill.
      No other Graybills or any Coons, Ellers, McDaniels, or Stokers shown on this particular list.
      He does not show up on the same list for 1819.

      6. Per the book "Southern Ohio Taxpayers in the 1820s: Gallia and Jackson Counties," comp. by Marilyn Adams, Heritage Research, Atlanta, 1979, contain the following names arranged by name, county, land location by range-town-section if given, township, page number of either land tax or chattel tax. Note that these lists are important in that they list personal property owners even if they were living with another related family, which gives more information than censuses of the same time period which only lists head of households:
      Graybill, John - Jackson County:
      1826, 17-7-4, Madison Twp., p. 31
      1828, same location, Madison Twp., p. 35
      Stoker, David - Jackson County:
      1826, chattels Madison Twp., p. 35
      1828, chattels Bloomfield Twp., p. 4
      Stoker, John - Jackson County:
      1828, chattels Bloomfield Twp., p. 3
      Stoker, Michael - Jackson County:
      1826, chattels Bloomfield Twp., p. 5
      1828, chattels Bloomfield Twp., p. 4
      Stoker, John W. - Jackson County:
      1826, chattels Bloomfield Twp., p. 5

      1. Per tombstone and 1850 census. Tombstone gives an approximate 1784 birth and 1850 census gives an approximate 1787.

      1. Judging from no mention of wife or children in his will, he probably was unmarried. DEATH:
      1. Here is a transcript of John's Will from Worldconnect database ":480580" note that a lot of the named people lived in Franklin, Madison, and Bloomfield Townships and one in Jackson County in the 1860 census. Reference is probably Will Book "A" of Jackson County, OH, p. 437:
      "In the name of the benevolent father of all. I, John Grabill of Jackson County, Ohio do make and publish this my last will and testament. Item 1st I give and devise to my worthy friend John Grimes his heirs and assign the farm on which he now resides containing Eighty Eight Acres more or less situated in Franklin Township Jackson County Ohio. The said John Grayham agreeing to maintain me during my lifetime and to pay all my funeral Expenses after I am dead Item 2sec. I give and bequeath to John Lackey his heirs the ballance of A Note I now hold on him. Item 3rd I give to my friend Larkin Henson the ballance of a Note I hold on him Item 4th I give to Jugurtha Lackey the ballance of a note I hold on him Item 5th to James Henson one hundred dollars Item 6th I give to Elijah Henson two hundred and fifty Dollars Item 7th I give to Aaron Henson three hundred Dollars in money Item 8th I give to John Henson one hundred Dollars in money Item 9th to Levisie Reed[,] Nancy Andrews[,] Hester Ann Davis[,] Joicy Corn & Barbra Holiday one hundred Dollars to be divided Equaly amoungst the five Item 10th I give to Floyd Henson one hundred Dollars Item 11th I give to Anderson Lackey[,] Andrew J Lackey & Cleaveland Lackey three hundred Dollars to be divided equally between the three Item 12th I give to Wellington Henson fifty Dollars Item 13th I give to Eden Henson my best Bed and Stead And lastly I hereby Appoint Aaron McLaughlin my sole Executor of this my last will and Testament hereby revoking all former wills by me madeIn Witness Whereof I hereunto set my hand and Seal this Oct 25th Eighteen hundred and Sixty five Signed and sealed by said John Graybill as and for John Graybill seal his last Will and Testament in the presence and in the presence of each other and at his request have hereunto Subscribed our names as witness. Job Buckly, Leander Cherington, - - Buckly"

      2. Website accessed 20 Dec 2009: "Letter, John Graybeal to Dona Graybeal."
      Letter from John Graybeal of Shell Creek, Tennessee to his grand-daughter Dona Graybeal of Fig, North Carolina. This letter was found among the papers and Letters of Dona Graybeal and her son W. Thomas Graybal, of Emory, Virginia. Dona Graybeal was married to my great-uncle Winfield A. Graybeal, a Methodist Minister.
      John Graybeal, son of Andrew Graybeal, and grandson of Henry Graybeal of Ashe County, North Carolina, wrote the letter to his granddaughter Dona Graybeal, daughter of William Asbury Graybeal and Rebecca Graybeal. Both sides of Dona's family trace back to Henry Graybeal.
      Notes: The original letter was written in pencil on tablet paper with no punctuation and paragraph breaks. Paragraph breaks have been inserted where it seemed logical to do so for clarity. Periods have also been added at the end of sentences. Spelling remains as it was interpreted except where indicated by [ ]. References to "Winny" are to Winfield A. Graybeal Dona's husband and son of David Melvin Graybeal and Mary Anne Jones.
      Transcribed by Kyle R. Graybeal
      "Shell Creek Ten Jan 26 1915
      Dona we recv'd your letter was real glad to hear from you all. was glad you was having a good time & Doing some good in the caus of Religion there. Dont seam to be But little good Doing here. We have had some offel Bad weather this winter. the weather was the worst before Christmas i Ever saw. i think we got a litter from pa a few days ago Said Conly & wife had gone to New Mexico Lum has moved in bout 8 miles of us. i Recon Griggs preached a fine Sermon Sunday at Shell Creek We are having a fine day today 26 of Jan
      Well you asked me about the Graybeals. My father always told me they came from Penn to NC. My grandfather settled rite on the lands Elihu & your grandpa graybial lived. My granfathers name was Henry. Winnys grate granfathers name was David. he settled probably on the lands that Winnys granfather & Calvin graybeal lived on Hoss creek. the old man Petter settled near Jefferson, they Both maried Birkets
      My granmother graybeal was a Henson. ther was one them old graybeals Name was John he never was married. he fell Dead at a wood pile cuting wood. Ther was one Mike he went West long time ago they never could her from him after them Days. So that was all of the old graybeals. they was real Duch.
      My father always told me he couldent understand a word they would say when they talked in ther language though they could talk English all rite. i remember seeing all of them they wer Dunkards them days
      My grandfather was a Methodist Ex[h]orter a grate scriptonian i remember seeing my grandfather & old man Dav & Peter. My grandmother Died after i was a bot grown her name was Celia
      Well Dona i dont guess you can read this letter if you can you can almost Beat me so we hope you are all well and enjoying life. give Winny my Best respects and wishes and trust he may Do much good.
      Your grandma has had a Bad cold all this winter and holds rite on so we would glad to here from you all often. We remain your grandparents
      John Graybeal write soon"

      1. Photos on file for tombstones in the Callaghan-Madison Furnace Cemetery. Found on the web at It is reported that this graveyard was laid out in early days on the Callaghan farm in Madison Twp., Jackson Co. OH. It was later enlarged by adding a bit of land from an adjoining farm and from the old Madison Furnace Company farm. The cemetery is located near the settlement of Rempel. It has been reported by one individual that there may also be an earlier tombstone for Peter Graybill in this cemetery that reads "___ust 1842, aged 8_," but I have not yet been able to verify anything about this earlier stone. I also visited the cemetery in person Sep. 2006 to confirm the following tombstones readings. These stones were all in together:
      "Peter Graybill died May 1, 1848, Aged About 80y" (side by side with Christena) [Photo on file with me.]
      "Christena Wife of Peter Graybill Died Oct 10, 1844 Aged About 84 Yrs." (Side by side with Peter) [Photo on file with me.]
      "John Grabill Oct. 30, 1866 Aged About 82ys" [Photo on file with me.]
      Broken tombstone partially read "William Henson died Dec 1856 aged ?5 years" (the broken part is reported to have said Nancy Henson, wife of... Also the tombstone was quite weathered and the 6 on the 1856 was questionable and could have been a 3, 5, or 6.)
      "Nancy Wife of Larkin Henson was born June 15, 1809, Died Dec. 9, 1859" (Larkin was a son of William Henson and Nancy Graybill.)
      Two stones each saying "Infant son of Larkin and Nancy Henson"